Grade 1 – 1W (Wood O’Grady)

Mrs. Wood O’Grady’s Classroom

Welcome to my classroom’s webpage.

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great holiday. This is the time of year when we really fly in Grade 1.  Now we have our sounding skills in place and we know lots of sight words so it is time to read, read , read.

It is still most  important  to listen to your child’s home reading. Encourage them to use their sounding skills and to look at the first letter of the word.  What they have read must always make sense. They need to think about the flow of words and do not be afraid to just tell them difficult words in the books they are reading. It is also okay to skip a word and go back to it. We are now able to write words and sentences by listening to the sounds.  Everyone needs to leave spaces between their words.  Lots of students are starting to want to write books themselves.  Please make a big deal of this.  They are becoming writers as well as readers!